Apr. 2020, BOM, Lessons By Month, Mar. 2020

Easter Countdown Banner!

We did this countdown the week before Easter last year and LOVED it! I’ve added a few Book of Mormon references as well as Christ’s visit to the Americas to go with the 2020 Come Follow Me Book of Mormon theme, and I’m SO excited to do it again this year! Each day during the week before Easter, we’ll take out an egg from our Easter basket that has a picture of what Jesus did on that day during the last week of His life (plus some treats 🙂), read the scriptures and description from the church’s website of what He did on that day of the week, and then put that picture up on this banner to remind us of what Easter’s really about. We’ll probably do a regular lesson the week before this week as well to include more Book of Mormon things from this year’s Come Follow Me manuals, and I’ll post that as soon as I’ve got it put together.


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