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Easter Countdown Banner!

Easter Count down Banner

We are SO excited to do our Easter countdown again this year!! Each day during the week before Easter, we’ll take out an egg from our Easter basket that has a picture of what Jesus did on that day during the last week of His life (plus some treats 🙂), read the scriptures and description from the church’s website of what He did on that day of the week, and then put that picture up on this banner to remind us of what Easter’s really about.


4 thoughts on “Easter Countdown Banner!”

    1. I’m not sure why they’re not showing up for you. If you click on “Download,” it should open up all of the pages that you need for this. The pictures are on pages 4-6 of the download (next to the daily descriptions). If they’re not showing up on your computer, maybe try from another device? Crossing my fingers it works for you!


      1. I did get it to work I was trying to go through the link to the church website and it wasn’t working thank you so much for all your hard work in making this I’m going to make a little package for each of my primary kids and my own grandkids I really love it thank you so much


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