Chore Cards

Click here or on the picture above to download a free copy of these cards.

Our family calls these our “bucket chores” because we have them all in a small bucket we got from the dollar store.

Instructions: Cut the cards apart and put them in a small basket or bucket. Laminate if desired. When using, have each kid close their eyes and reach into the bucket to pick the chore they’ll be doing. Choose what you want those points to go toward (minutes of screen time, pennies, dimes, quarters, points toward a fun family activity, etc.). When they’re done with the chore, if their work passes Mom/Dad’s inspection, they will earn that number of (screen time minutes/coins/whatever you decide those points go toward). They may choose to do additional cards if desired. We tell the kids that for each point on their card, they can either earn one minute of tablet time or one quarter. Feel free to add your own twists to this to make it work best for you!

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