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52 Weeks of New Testament Activities: Weeks 13-16

Week 13 Feeding the 5,000

Matthew 14; Mark 6; John 5-6 “Be Not Afraid”

Song: “How Great the Wisdom and the Love” or “I’m Trying to be Like Jesus
The “Loaves and Fishes” song by Shawna Edwards is also great for this week’s lesson

Church Videos:
Jesus Fed Many People
The Feeding of the 5,000
Jesus Heals a Man on the Sabbath
Wherefore Didst Thou Doubt?
How to Draw Loaves and Fish

More Stuff:
Candle/Fan object lesson about fear, picture of what 5,000 people would look like, and more ideas (2019 lesson plan)
Peter Walks on Water video from Latter Day Kids
Jesus Feeds 5,000 Clip from The Chosen (7 minutes long)

Friend Stories:
Jesus Feeds 5,000 People

Jesus Walks on Water Snack from ministry2kidz

From the manual (we might use donuts for the “bread” to make it a little more treat-like):
John 6:28–58
Give each family member a piece of bread to eat, and discuss the benefits we receive from bread and other healthy foods. Then search these verses together, looking for why Jesus Christ called Himself the “bread of life” (John 6:35). What might it mean to “eat” the bread of life? (see D. Todd Christofferson, “The Living Bread Which Came Down from Heaven,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2017, 36–39).

Make bread with this activity from The Friend:
Make your favorite bread recipe, or try the one on page 8. Notice how something as small as yeast makes the whole loaf of bread bigger. How has Jesus made your small efforts big?

Week 14 Christ Is Risen (Easter)

Easter “Oh Grave, Where is Thy Victory?”

Song: “Jesus Has Risen” or “Risen” Easter song by Shawna Edwards

Church Videos:
The Story of Easter – New Testament Stories for Kids
My Joy is Full – Christ’s Visit to the Americas
He Is Risen (shows Jesus dying on the cross)
Jesus Is Resurrected
Blessed Are They That Have Not Seen, and Yet Have Believed
Chapter 51: Jesus Suffers in the Garden of Gethsemane
Handel’s Messiah: Debtor’s Prison
The Risen Lord Appears to the Apostles
Jesus is Risen – Come Create with Me

Other Videos:
A Very Special Easter
The Easter Surprise from Latter Day Kids

The Friend:
Easter Craft in April 2023 magazine
Easter/Stories from past Friend magazines

Easter Countdown Banner:
Another thing we LOVE doing the week before Easter is this Easter Countdown Banner (click on link to see full details and free printable pieces).

I loved Gary E. Stevenson’s conference talk when he stated, “The Book of Mormon shares the greatest Easter story ever told. Let it not be the greatest Easter story never told.” The scriptures listed on Sunday’s section of this countdown banner include 3 Nephi 11 and 17. After reading and discussing especially 3 Nephi 11:1-17 on Easter, we plan on also watching the My Joy is Full – Christ’s Visit to the Americas video with our family.

Treat: The activity in this week’s lesson plan/activity sheets has instructions for “Christ Is Risen” rolls. We’ve made these with our kids the last few years and have loved doing them! We usually watch the “He Is Risen” short video in this Bible movie set while we’re baking them/eating them. As a reminder, you can buy a physical copy of our 52 Weeks of New Testament Activities book that has all of the lesson plans/activities for the full year in it, or you can download these digitally each week.

Week 15 Who Am I?

Matthew 15-17; Mark 7-9 “Thou Art the Christ”

Song: “I Believe in Christ

Church Videos:
Chapter 32: Peter Testifies of Christ
Thou Art the Christ
President Nelson: Hear Him – Personal Revelation
How to Draw a Key and a Temple Come Create with Me
Priesthood Keys: The Restoration of Priesthood Keys
Where Are the Keys?
Chapter 33: Appearing in Glory: The Transfiguration

More Stuff:
A Sense of Revelation Come, Follow Me Family Fun activity from the April 2023 Liahona magazine (scroll down to see it)
What is a Testimony from Latter Day Kids

From the manual:
Matthew 15:7–9Mark 7:6–7. What is the difference between honoring God with our lips, or words, and honoring Him with our hearts?

Make heart-shaped sugar cookies while talking about how our hearts feel and how we might act if we have true faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Preppy Kitchen has a recipe for striped heart cookies that look fun to try to make.

Week 16 The Good Samaritan

Matthew 18; Luke 10 “What Shall I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?”

Song:Jesus Said Love Everyone” or “I Won’t Walk Away” song by Shawna Edwards

Church Videos:
The Good Samaritan: A Bible Story for Children
A Good Samaritan
Jesus Forgave
Forgive Every One Their Trespasses: The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant
Parable of the Good Samaritan
Short Good Samaritan Explanation from Elder M. Russell Ballard

More Stuff:
Good Samaritan Story in The Friend magazine
The Good Samaritan video from Latter Day Kids
The Helpful Digger – A Story About Serving Others from Latter Day Kids
Love Your Neighbor game from The Friend
Good Samaritan First Aid Kit Gift Bag

Come, Follow Me Activity from The Friend:
For Matthew 18Luke 10
Story: Jesus told us to take care of our neighbors (see Luke 10:25–37). Each person around us is our neighbor, even if they look or act differently than we do.
Activity: Draw a picture of your neighborhood. You can include your family, friends, and neighbors. Every day this week, pick a person from your drawing and do something kind for them.

Treat: Follow instructions from Kidney-Garden to make “Kissing Hand Cookies” and remind everyone to be loving and to give a helping hand to others.

Amazon has some hand-shaped cookie cutters that could be used for this.

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