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52 Weeks of New Testament Activities: Weeks 5-8

Week 5 Jesus Christ’s Mission

Matthew 4; Luke 4-5 “The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me”

Song: “Come, Follow Me” or “I Will Follow God’s Plan” or “I Will Walk With Jesus

Church Videos:
Jesus Declares He Is the Messiah
Jesus Is Tempted
Angry People in Nazareth
I Want to Follow Jesus
Who Is Jesus? A Bible Story for Children
Fishers of Men: A Bible Story for Children

More Videos:
I Will Make You Fishers of Men from Latter Day Kids
I Will Lead You Along- A Story About Following Jesus Christ from Latter Day Kids

Friend Stories:
Following Jesus in Sweden from The Friend magazine
Following Jesus Together from The Friend magazine (kids share examples of ways they follow Jesus)
Follow the Leader Come, Follow Me Activity

Stuff from the Manual:
Matthew 4:1–2Luke 4:1–2.What insights can we gain from this account about the power of fasting? To help your family learn about fasting, you might use “Fasting and Fast Offerings” in Gospel Topics (topics.ChurchofJesusChrist.org). Family members could share experiences they have had with fasting. Perhaps you could prayerfully make plans to fast together for a specific purpose.

Luke 4:16–21. Do we know anyone who is brokenhearted or who needs to be “set at liberty”? (Luke 4:18). How can we help others receive the Savior’s healing and deliverance? You might also discuss how performing temple ordinances helps bring “deliverance to the captives” (Luke 4:18).
We plan on talking about how one way to follow Christ is to help others, such as the brokenhearted. Then we’ll put together little note/treat packages to send to others we know. (Tie this into being “fishers of men”)

As you read Matthew 4:1–11 and Luke 4:1–13, what do you learn that can help you when you face temptations? You could organize your thoughts in a table like this one:

More Stuff:
How to Draw Jesus Christ

Treat: Swedish Fish/Goldfish crackers to put in the boats from 52 Weeks of New Testament Activities.

Survivingateacherssalary also has a fun fish Jello cup that could go along with this lesson.

Week 6 Water Musical Envelopes

John 2-4 “Ye Must Be Born Again”

Song: “God’s Love” or “He Sent His Son

Church Videos:
Jesus Cleanses the Temple
Jesus Teaches a Samaritan Woman
Jesus Teaches of Being Born Again
Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

Friend/Church Stories:
The Wedding in Cana
The Woman at the Well

Treat: Follow instructions from Easy Breezy Sunday School to use Kool-Aid drops to act out the wine miracle.

Week 7 Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Matthew 5; Luke 6 “Blessed Are Ye”

Song: “Shine On

Church Videos:
Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes
Sermon on the Mount: The Higher Law

Activities from The Friend:
Scripture Toss Activity
Sermon on the Mount Booklet

More Stuff:
Blessed by the Beatitudes Come, Follow Me Family Fun activity in The Liahona magazine (scroll down to see activity)

Read Matthew 5:13. Does salt make popcorn better or worse? What other ingredients could be added to popcorn to make it yummy? Would we want to add dirt to it? Or would we rather add sugar/good ingredients? While we’re on Earth, would we rather add good/nice things by the way we treat people or bad/yucky things? Put caramel popcorn ingredients in for each good thing the kids can think of for ways to be kind to others and make the world a better place. Is the popcorn better when you add good ingredients? Is the Earth
better when we do good things? What can we do to make the world a better place (How can
we be like the salt/good ingredients of the Earth)? How can Jesus Christ help us do good things?

Week 8 A Strong Foundation

Matthew 6-7; Luke 3 “He Taught Them As One Having Authority”

Song:The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Church Videos:
Sermon on the Mount: The Lord’s Prayer
Sermon on the Mount: Treasures in Heaven
Jesus Teaches About Prayer
Suggestion from the CFM manual: One way to learn from Matthew 6–7 as a family is to watch the videos “Sermon on the Mount: The Lord’s Prayer” and “Sermon on the Mount: Treasures in Heaven” (ChurchofJesusChrist.org). Family members could follow along in their scriptures and pause the videos whenever they hear something they want to discuss. This activity could span several days, if needed.

More Videos:
The Wise Alligator from Latter Day Kids

Friend Resources:
The Wise Man and The Foolish Man Scripture Figures

Treat: Follow directions from Almost Unschoolers to make a “Foolish House Snack.”

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52 Weeks of New Testament Activities: Weeks 1-4

Week 1 Mary & Joseph Puzzles

Matthew 1; Luke 1 “Be It Unto Me According To Thy Word”

Song: “He Sent His Son

Treat: After studying Matthew 1 and Luke 1, take turns rolling a die and answering questions based on what was rolled. Give each person a favorite small treat when they answer a question.

Church Videos:
Mary and the Angel
Joseph and the Angel
Elisabeth and Zacharias
John the Baptist is Born
The Naming of John the Baptist I like how this video shows Elisabeth having the courage to speak up and say, “Not so; but he shall be called John” to let others know that they were following what the Spirit prompted them to do rather than following the societal traditions for naming him. That is a great example for our kids to follow. After we’ve done the Mary and Joseph puzzles, we’ll probably show this video, spend some time talking about Elisabeth, and do some role-plays of how we can also be bold in following the Spirit’s promptings in our own lives.

More Videos:
Nothing Shall Be Impossible from Latter Day Kids

Extra Stuff:
How to Draw Mary and Joseph Video from Art for Kids Hub
How to Draw Mary and the Angel

Click on Mary picture below to download the color version of Mary and Joseph Puzzles:

Week 2 Photos & Stories

Matthew 2; Luke 2 “We Have Come to Worship Him”

Song: “Stars Were Gleaming

Treat: Baby Jesus Cupcakes

Church Videos:
Jesus Christ is Born
The Christ Child 17-minute video
Shepherds Learn of the Birth of Christ
The Christ Child is Presented at the Temple
The First Christmas Spirit
When Jesus Was a Child
Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem
Jesus Learned and Grew

Friend Stories:
Gifts for Jesus

Extra Stuff: How to Make the Nativity with Rock Art

Week 3 Hidden Picture Game

John 1 “We Have Found The Messiah”

Song: “The Lord is My Light” or “Jesus is My True Light

Church Videos:
Inviting Others to Come and See
Introduction: Our Heavenly Father’s Plan

Activities from The Friend:
The True Light Activity from The Friend‘s Come Follow Me Activities page
How Are You Following Jesus? questionnaire from The Friend
Where is Jesus?

More Stuff:
Jesus Christ Chosen as Savior reading passage from Gospel Topics
From the manual: John 1:45–51. “What did Nathanael do that helped him gain a testimony of the Savior? Invite family members to talk about how they have gained their testimonies.”
From the manual: “Share object lessons. Invite family members to find objects that they can use to help them understand principles found in the scriptures you are reading as a family. For instance, they might use a candle to represent the Light of Christ (see John 1:4).” (We plan on giving them time to find objects that represent Christ being the Light, the Word, the Creator, and the Life, and then discussing each)
Jesus Created All Things video from Latter Day Kids
How to Draw a Bird video that ties into The Savior creating the world

Treat: Make edible playdough. Read John 1:3. Memorize the phrase “all things were made by [Jesus Christ].” Take turns molding a chunk of the playdough into something in nature that was made by Jesus Christ (trees, flowers, rivers, clouds, etc.). Whoever guesses what it is first gets to mold another item for others to guess.

Week 4 Turning Toward Jesus

Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3 “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord”


Church Videos:
Jesus Was Baptized
Jesus is Baptized by John
Baptism: A Bible Story for Children
Sophia’s Baptism Promises

More Videos:
Jesus Was Baptized video from Latter Day Kids
Baptism video from Latter Day Kids

Friend Stories:
Jesus Was Baptized short retell
Jesus Was Baptized story (includes questions)
Ready to Be Baptized?
A Promise to Try
Feeling New

More Stuff:
Baptism” reading passage from Gospel Topics

Treat: Follow directions from Dixie Delights to make 8-shaped treats while reviewing the covenants and requirements for baptism.